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Business awards 2024


The Swan Chamber of Commerce and Sponsors of the Chamber are proud to bring you the Swan Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2024. We thank our generous Corporate Sponsors for their continued support and we thank the Category Sponsors for making this event possible.

We have engaged the services of five independent judges to judge each category. They bring with them expertise in their respective fields of tourism, hospitality, business administration, education, travel and the food & wine industry. The Chamber encourages all of our members and businesses outside of our membership to nominate and be a part of the awards.

The judging criteria for award categories is both quantitative and qualitative, acknowledging growth, business development, diversity, leadership, innovation, business excellence and contribution to the business sector in the North East Metropolitan region of Perth.

All businesses, professionals, employees and apprentices who meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to participate in the 2024 Swan Chamber Business Awards. 


To view all award categories and their description, please see below.

This is your night to be on show. Finalists will be announced in early June, showcased on the giant screen, presented with a Certificate of Excellence and the winners presented with a prestigious trophy. The winner of each category will automatically become a candidate for the Swan Business of the Year Award. The Swan Chamber of Commerce Business Awards provide the opportunity for businesses to celebrate their achievements and be recognized for their hard work.

Enjoy an evening with like-minded business owners, the opportunity to network and enjoy some great food and wine from the Swan region. Join us in celebrating the outstanding achievements of our business community.


New Business

Recognising a business in operation for up to two years with operators demonstrating good business practices resulting in significant success and growth.

Excellence in Tourism

Recognising outstanding achievement in providing a service that attracts tourists and an exceptional customer experience.



Recognising outstanding achievement in providing a service with an exceptional customer experience.


Customer Service

Recognising outstanding achievement in providing a service in a businesses respective industry with an exceptional customer experience.


Food or Beverage Producer

Recognising outstanding achievement in producing food or beverages in the region



Designed to recognise manufacturers that display innovation and best practice in the creation of a product


Best Retail Experience

Recognising outstanding achievements within retail and customer service.


Excellence in Marketing

Recognising exceptional creativity and strategy in marketing and marketing campaigns.


Innovation and Creativity

Recognising excellence in innovative practice and creativity through improvements made to current practice or innovation in programs and projects.


Environment and Sustainability

The Environmental and Sustainability Award recognises a business that has demonstrated their commitment to sustainable business practices and is working to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment. 


Fashion and Design

The Fashion and Design category recognises businesses and organisations that are using design to positively impact the future of the fashion industry with a sustainability perspective.


Health & Wellbeing Services

Recognising excellence in the health, wellbeing and health services industries.


NFP Initiatives Award

Recognising excellence in providing leadership or initiatives conducted through projects, programs or system development.


Community Spirit

Recognising dedication and significant contributions to the local community whilst fostering a sense of enhanced community spirit.


Excellence in Access and Inclusion

Recognising a business providing a consciously inclusive service to welcome customers with disability by making adjustments to their workplace.


Inclusive Employer Award

Recognising a business that has employed people with disability and adopted fair and accessible practices to create a safe and inclusive work environment.


Trade Services Award

This award acknowledges business excellence in the delivery of trade services-an individual or business who produces a high calibre of work.


Transport Planning, Supply Chain and Logistics

This award recognises an industry organisation that has made a significant contribution to improving transport efficiency, and optimising the supply chain and logistic operations.


Excellence in Training

Recognising organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to education and training that includes a commitment to equitable delivery.


Apprentice/Trainee of the Year

The Apprentice/Trainee of the Year Award is presented to an individual who is undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship and has been outstanding in all aspects of their training.


Young Entrepreneur

Recognising and  acknowledging a young person under the age of 30 who identifies opportunities to innovate and create a better world, takes risks to realise their vision & who demonstrates courage, perseverance and resilience to overcome significant obstacles.


Employee of the Year

An award recognising an outstanding employee who has made significant contributions to a business’s success over a period of time highlighting their exceptional performance, leadership, innovation and embodiment of the business’s core values.


Business Person of the  Year

Recognising a person who has displayed significant strengths across all aspects of business as well as having a significant presence and active involvement in the local community.


Business of the Year

Recognising overall excellence as a business operation. The winner will be determined from the winners of each of the above categories.


People’s Choice

Awarded to the business with the most votes from the public. All nominated businesses across all categories are automatically entered into People's Choice.

Terms and Conditions
  1. Entrants to have a current ABN.

  2. Entrants to have engaged in business activities within the North East Metropolitan Region for at least 1 year prior to the application.

  3. Entries for all categories must be lodged by midnight Friday 7th June 2024.

  4. Entries are to be submitted via this online form.

  5. Businesses sponsoring a specific category cannot enter that category but are eligible for entry into all other categories.

  6. Judges reserve the right to enter your business for other categories.

  7. Judges may eliminate entries due to an incomplete submission or inability to meet the Criteria.

  8. The judges’ decision is final, and no communication will be entered in to.

  9. All entry information is strictly private and confidential and available only to the judging panel.

  10. The Swan Chamber of Commerce coordinates the judging process.

  11. There are no set finalist numbers for the categories.

  12. Finalists will be notified on Friday 14th June 2024.

  13. Finalists or a representative of the business must attend the Awards Dinner to receive their Award.




Provide an overview of your product, service and your target market. Give a brief history and structure of the business

Describe how your business is promoted and marketed.

Describe your level of customer service & how you measure it. You are welcome to include customer testimonials, three (3) only. In what capacity does your business contribute to the local community?

How do you track the financial performance of your business?
(e.g. Trends, Financial ratios, track critical numbers)

Detail the success of your business in the past two years. Include growth, innovation, technology improvements, awards and recognition.

What further professional development have you undertaken

What programs or initiatives have you facilitated for staff to undertake professional development?

Describe your business challenges and what steps you have taken to overcome them? What key lessons have you learned?

Excluding any photos that form part of your entry, please provide 3 different photographs (jpeg) relevant to your nomination for use on presentation night.




Apprentice/Trainee of the Year

Employers, other individuals or the apprentice/trainee themselves may submit the nomination.

Selection Criteria

Career and Study Achievements

Consider things such as:

  • Why did you choose your course?

  • How has it changed or impacted on you?

  • What have you gained from it?

  • What have you been able to bring to your workplace?

Team and Communication skills

Consider any skills you have developed through your training, such as:

  • What have you been able to tell others, work mates, employers etc about your training?

  • What do you like about working in a team setting?

  • What traits do you think are important to positively influence others?

Ability to be an Ambassador (representative) for training in Western Australia

Tell us about:

  • Provide examples where you have taken a leadership role inside or outside of work?

  • What other activities have you been involved in where you have been a representative?

  • How would you describe the quality of your training?

Other qualities and pursuits

You may wish to include information about:

  • Have you had to address any challenges that have impacted on your training?

  • When have you been required to use initiative either in your training, your personal life or your workplace?

  • What other community or industry involvement have you had?


Employee of the Year

Employers, other individuals or the employee themselves may submit the nomination.

Selection Criteria:

  • 2-3 Page Submission addressing the following:

  • 1. Professionalism

  • Consider aspects such as:

  • Ethics and integrity

  • Reliability & dependability

  • Productivity

  • Job Knowledge

  • Accomplishments


Consider aspects such as:

  • Initiative, critical thinking and problem solving

  • Teamwork & Collaboration

  • Communication Skills


Excellence in Access and Inclusion 

Selection Criteria 

The Business

Provide an overview of your product, service and target market
Give a brief history and structure of the business

Accessibility review

Describe how you assessed your business’s accessible and inclusive features

Access and Inclusion Improvements

Describe improvements/design features throughout your business, or initiatives that you have implemented to enhance access and inclusion for customers and staff.

Customer Service

Describe your level of customer service and how you measure it. You are welcome to include up to three customer testimonials.


Describe your business challenges and what steps you have taken to overcome them. What key lessons have you learnt?


Include before and after photos of accessible improvements made throughout your business, or initiatives which promote inclusion for customers and staff.


Inclusive Employer Award

Selection Criteria 

The business

Provide an overview of your product, service and target market
Give a brief history and structure of the business

Accessibility review

Describe how you assessed your business’s accessible and inclusive features

Inclusive Employer 

Describe how you consider yourself to be an inclusive employer
Describe the disability awareness training and development opportunities provided to staff

Customer Service

Describe your level of customer service and how you measure it. You are welcome to include up to three customer testimonials.


Describe your business challenges and what steps you have taken to overcome them. What key lessons have you learnt?


Include before and after photos of accessible improvements made throughout your business, or initiatives which promote inclusion for customers and staff. 


Not for Profit Organisation Initiatives Award 

Standard category criteria and:


Outline your leadership, initiatives and successful outcomes conducted through projects, programs or systems developed.


Community Spirit Category
Any members of the Swan Chamber of Commerce or any business or organisation involved with the Swan Region Community are eligible to nominate. Any member of the community or the business/organisation/group itself, may submit a nomination.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria provided by the nominator in no fewer than two typed pages.

  • Explain why you believe the business/organisation or group are worthy of the Community Spirit Award.

  • Describe the business/organisation or groups background, history, involvement and contribution to the Community.

  • Provide two written references/recommendations or letters of support for the nominee and include photographs relevant to the nomination.


 Business of the Year

  • The Swan Business of the Year is selected by the Judging Panel and chosen from the Winners of each Category.

  • You cannot nominate your business for this Award.

Business Person of the Year

  • You can nominate yourself or another business person for the Swan Business Person of the Year.

  • Any Member of the Board of Management of the Swan Chamber of Commerce may nominate someone in the business community who has not already entered the Awards.

  • The panel of judges select the Swan Business Person of the Year and selection criteria includes:

    • Involvement in the community

    • Member of the Swan Chamber of Commerce

Champagne Glasses



Lodging a submission for these awards offers you the opportunity to highlight your achievements and successes during the assessment period and reflect on your initiatives, processes, and outcomes.

It is also an opportunity to apply critical thinking, review your systems and processes, articulate how your work distinguishes you from your peers and competitors in your industry, and perhaps consider how you could improve your approach to your work.

Submissions take time and effort so allot sufficient time to reflect on your achievements, collect supporting documents (including references and testimonials), write an effective submission, and edit and proofread it before submitting.




  1. Complete the online application form                                   

  2. Provide relevant information in response to criteria of your chosen category/ies.

  3. Attach a document that addresses each criteria for your relevant categories.       

  4. Upload your business logo and three photographs for marketing and promotional purposes.                                                           

  5. Submit your nomination by midnight Friday 7th June 2024.

  6. You may nominate your business in up to three (3) categories except Business of the Year and People's Choice. Category winners will automatically become finalists for the Business of the Year award and will be decided by the judging panel. All business nominations will be automatically entered into People's Choice.

  7. You may nominate any business person who is a member of the SCC for Business Person of the Year. Send your nominations to the Swan Chamber of Commerce where the panel of judges will review nominees and present this award on the night.


  • Has a guideline for their business development

  • Has measurable goals and outcomes

  • Demonstrates flair, innovation and passion

  • Promotes high quality standards in their products or services 

  • Makes an ongoing contribution to the community

  • Has awareness of their marketplace

  • Has industry knowledge



Writing an award-winning submission is about narrating your story in a compelling and authentic way that captures the judges’ attention. It is critical that you tell your personal story in the first person and include evidence such as case studies and statistics to back your story.




  • Stick to the awards criteria
    The cardinal rule for compiling submissions is ensuring that your answers strictly align with the awards criteria. While this might sound obvious, judges have reported that many past applicants have provided responses that were irrelevant to them. The criteria have been created for a reason and they are the guidelines the judges will be using to assess your applications. Answer the questions with as much accuracy and clarity as possible to ensure you don’t hurt your chances of winning awards.


  • Answer the questions
    Following on from the previous rule, it is essential that you follow the ground rules set by the awards program and answer the questions.
    This enables judges to compare and contrast you with other award entrants in your category.Judges want your responses to knock their socks off! Use the narrative style (with a beginning, middle, and an end) to tell your story.Make sure you structure your answers succinctly and coherently (avoid going off on a tangent). Present your answers in an easily digestible format to leave an impact. Provide evidence such as data, statistics, quantifiable input (such as revenue increase, profit growth, or efficiencies gained through improved systems and processes), and testimonials and recommendations from your peers and clients.


  • Use first person
    No one can tell your personal story better than you. Take the time to write your own submission in the first person using your own words to ensure it is authentic and genuine.While some award entrants delegate writing award submissions to marketing and PR professionals (who are masters of the written word), judges can distinguish between first person narrative and “marketing spiel” written in the third person.


  • Use facts to back your claims
    Make data and figures your friends. They make your success measurable and back your claims about your achievements. Showcase any increases you have seen in financial metrics, clientele, staff size, or efficiencies as a result of your initiatives. This information makes it easier for the judges to gauge the scale of your achievements. Independent attachments can go a long way in swaying the judges on the merits of your entry.


  • Use the word limit
    Sticking to the word limit for each question can lead to powerful and compelling answers. Judges will struggle to mark you well if your answer says very little, is repetitive, or uses strategies like “see above”. Conversely, responding with “see attached” and annexing a lengthy document will disengage the judges. You are allowed to use a limited number of words. Use the word count wisely!


  • Proofread your submission
    Don’t let spelling, grammatical errors or other minor mistakes blemish your otherwise stellar submission. Starting your submission early will leave you with plenty of time to walk away from it for a few days and come back with a fresh perspective. You can then proofread and polish it. Moreover, just because we encourage you to compile your own submission does not mean you cannot ask somebody else to read it. Ask your colleagues, friends, or even a writer to review and proofread it.Once you are sure that your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and tone are perfect, you can then press send.



We thank our previous sponsors for their support for this significant event. Sponsorship opportunities are again available and now open for each award across 25 diverse categories. Please click on the link below to sponsor a category at this years Business Awards.

Sponsorship includes:


  • Two tickets to the business awards dinner

  • Your Business/Organisation promoted across social media channels, The SCC Website,  local newspaper and online news 

  • Your Business/Organisation logo and information on all event collateral: Awards Booklet, Table Numbers, Event Screens at the venue, Flags and banners, your Category winner framed certificate & trophy

  • Presentation of the trophy and certificate for your Category Award to the winner.

  • Post-event media and business promotions

We look forward to welcoming you at this years Awards!

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