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With our ageing population growing, businesses under stress, our education systems acting like a holding pen for our youth, we must REDEFINE how we plan, build and sustain our future cities.

The Industrial age has accelerated the world into urban living like a meteor snatched by the earth’s atmosphere and hurled to the mercy of its gravitational force.

We cannot undo what we have done!

Millions around the world in poverty stricken places are still longing to find economic freedom by risking all and moving to the big cities.

We in the western world are rethinking city living after only a short time, within the last 100 or so years. Due to our wealth and choice, millions in the western world are trying to move back to a village setting.

The VILLAGE is the place where we live, work and play, feeling a sense of belonging. A place that recaptures time, quality of life and relational health with our family and neighbour.


We have the perfect opportunity to rebuild city centres that were once planned as CBD by day and ghost towns by night, back to a village. A place where we live upstairs and work down stairs. A place where we walk everywhere again and we look out for one another. A village, where it becomes intergenerational and age or financial disparities no longer segregate us.

SMART CITIES have to be more than the accumulation of data, SMART CITIES must be built to create wholesome societies.

Through Policy Reform, Entrepreneurship, & Pragmatic data, REDEFINING what a SMART CITY is becomes a catalyst for a brighter future for those at risk. The ageing population, our children and the vulnerable become foundational to planning. Those of us who are able, free and filled with capacity also aren’t hindered become the resource for healthy inner city expansion.

LIVE WORK & PLAY, all within walking distance of each other and recapturing the greatest commodity that we can’t save, TIME!

Join us for this exclusive & inclusive business breakfast on the 26th of November 2021 in Midland. We have four councils (mayors) that will explore the idea of future healthy cities that we must plan TODAY to experience tomorrow.

Tickets can be purchased on the link

For further information on how you can be involved, contact Tom Smilovitis, CEO of the Swan Chamber of Commerce direct on 0407866555

Swan Chamber of Commerce ‘We are changing the way we do business’

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